Portable trash bins provide a way to handle your trash and recycling every week, but you may be wondering how you can keep them secure and out of sight. Use this guide to secure your roll-away bins so you can keep your property tidy and make it easy to move your trash on garbage pickup day.

Build A Bin Shed

A bin shed can provide a place to keep your trash bins when they aren't sitting curbside for pickup. You can use a regular outdoor shed with a wide door, or if you enjoy DIY projects, you can build your own. The shed should have some ventilation to prevent odors from your trash, and consider adding a padlock to the door to keep your trash securely stored until garbage pickup day. Be sure that there is a path leading from the shed to the curb so you can easily roll the bins as needed.

Add A Garage Trash Center

If you don't have room for a shed in your backyard, consider keeping the bins in your garage. To make the process of taking the trash to the curb easier, and to keep the garage tidy, invest in a long flatbed dolly. Place the garbage bins on the dolly, and be sure to lock any wheels on the bottom of each bin. When trash day arrives, you can simply open the garage door and wheel all of your recycling and trash to the curb in one trip. Keep the dolly along one side of the garage wall so your trash stays out of the way when you are parking.

Create A Fence

A fence with a gate that opens can provide a handy way to hide your portable bins without having to move them from their current location. Consider using garden lattices for a simple DIY project, or build your own wooden fence for a more advanced project. You can use one side of your home as the fourth wall for the fenced-in area. Be sure to arrange your fence near the sidewalk leading to your curb for easy access on trash pickup day, and consider using locking lids on the trash bins to keep small animals and pests out of your trash in between pickup days.

Use these ideas as inspiration, and find a solution that keeps your portable roll-away bins secure and accessible while adding a beautiful look to your property. Companies like American Northwest Recycling can help as well.