If you are planning to rent a dumpster, then you are likely calling multiple companies for quotes and information about their services. Here are a few pieces of information you should be prepared to supply to make the ordering process go more smoothly. 

Your Preferred Drop-Off Window 

In most areas, it is a good idea to request a dumpster rental several days before you need the dumpster. This not only allows you to call around and receive multiple quotes from different companies, but it also gives the company you choose enough time to add your drop-off to their schedule. This is especially important if you need the dumpster to be delivered at a specific time. 

You should keep in mind that most dumpster rental companies can only guarantee a drop-off window between certain times as opposed to a specific time when your drop-off will occur. One way to work around this is to ask for the first drop-off of the day. Then, the company can be more likely to deliver at a specific hour. Additionally, you should specify if you need to be called when the dumpster is near your home so you can prepare for it. 

A Thorough Description of the Drop-Off Location 

You should be prepared to give a detailed description of where you want the dumpster placed and the road or driveway leading up to that spot. A thorough description allows the rental company representative to assess whether your space will be sufficient for unloading and loading a dumpster. You should describe the size of the area you plan to place the dumpster, what kind of surface it is (concrete, asphalt, or grass), whether there are any narrow gates or low-hanging wires the truck might have to navigate and whether you have multiple spaces selected in case your first choice is not appropriate. 

This information will be even more important if you are not at the site when the dumpster is delivered, allowing the delivery truck to leave the dumpster in the correct position for your project. 

Whether You Plan to Secure a Permit for the Dumpster

In many cities, you need to secure a permit if you plan to place a dumpster on a sidewalk or street. Some companies will offer to secure the permit for you, or you may be able to secure it yourself either online or in-person. If you plan to keep the dumpster in a public place, you should let the rental company know whether you need help securing a permit or not. 

Amount and Type of Items You Will Be Loading 

The more information you can give the representative about the type of materials you will be putting in your dumpster, the more accurate quote they can give you. Many dumpster rental companies have strict rules regarding what is not allowed to be thrown away in their dumpsters, and this varies from company to company but usually follows the rules for what is not allowed in landfills. However, some companies have extra rules. For example, many companies do not allow food waste because it can attract vermin to the dumpsters. Some companies may allow appliances and tires but charge extra for them. 

A detailed description of how you plan to use the dumpster can allow the company's representative to recommend an appropriate size and type of dumpster for your needs and offer you extra services for materials that are not accepted in their dumpsters. 

When You Expect to Finish With the Dumpster

Most dumpster services allow you to rent the dumpster for several days, and you can call to schedule a pick-up at anytime before your rental period is up. However, if you can give an estimate of when you will need the dumpster picked up, the company may be able to add you to their pick-up schedule in advance, ensuring you a timely pick-up. 

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