Westchester, California is a small town located just few minutes from the city of Los Angeles, and as such has an abundance of trees lining the city streets and abundantly cover the parks. If you live in the vicinity of Westchester or even Manhattan Beach, and are interested in ecology and taking care of trees, you can open up your own company that gives tree care services in Westchester CA, by becoming an arborist. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) has a number of courses that must be taken, in order to become a certified arborist. There are a number of courses individually which have their own importance in one area of tree care services in Westchester CA or another. There is one course on tree diseases, and how to look for the symptoms when you are examining the trees. There is another course on how to climb the trees safely, in order to trim the tree. There are also courses in how to remove trees completely, and how to do stump removal. There are also courses in moving trees from one location to another, in case they are not safe where they are. The ISA has certain educational criteria in order to pass the extensive exams in order to get the proper certification. If you want to open up your own business offering tree care services in Westchester CA, you must have at least 3 years experience on the job, or a Bachelor's degree in arboriculture. Even though there is no state requirement in California to be certified as an arborist, most companies prefer to hire people who have proven they know what they are doing when it comes to tree preservation. So if you have a certification as an arborist you will make much more money each year, because people will know that your profession is taking care of and knowing trees. There is also a requirement with the ISA that, if you want to maintain your certification, you will get continuous education every year in the arboriculture field. This is to make sure that you keep up with all the latest developments in the area of taking care of trees. In this way your business offering tree care services in Westchester CA will constantly be in demand and never without regular clients. Being in business for yourself you will be able to know only take contracts from the government, but also have private clients where you take care of their trees on a regular basis. One additional thing you can do is to get your doctorate and become a teacher at the university level. Then you can not only keep your tree care service going, but you can delegate the authority to your employees and cultivate even more clients around the Los Angeles metropolitan area. One of the main goals of an arborist is to preserve trees, and fight any infestation of insects that will kill or bring harm to the trees. You can also treat trees before they get the infection, so they can fight the insects when they start the infestation. Southern California not only has palm trees, but conifer and evergreen trees as well. The primary role of the arborist is to keep all these trees healthy, and to educate the public who have trees in their yards. As long as people are educated as to how to keep trees flourishing, then the tree population can make California even more beautiful than it is now. Being a certified arborist can help enable you to travel all over California and take jobs making trees healthy. Click here to learn more about tree care service and to find experienced contractors.